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The Finest German Shepherd Puppies for sale in GA and the Southeast

Von Anna  German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

Our Prices ...
At eight to ten weeks of age, our puppies are assessed and placed into three categories:

1. Ultimate: Picks of the Litter Show and Breeder Quality puppies of the highest standard for family pet, estate dog, show, and protection training: $ 3,500.00 and up

2. Supreme: Show and Breeder Quality of the highest standard: $2,500.00

3. Excellent: Beautiful Loving Disposition Excellent Pedigree Family Dog: $ 1,500.00

Shipping available on request, cost $ 400.00 - $ 700.00 based on location which includes shipping travel kennel.


Protection Trained Dogs...
can be imported from Germany on request, pricing based on dog. Occasionally one of our retiring female protection trained dogs is available for sale. We also can provide protection training for your dog at $ 5,000.00 for each level of protection training plus shipping and handling.


Purchase and Deposits...
Reserve early as most litters are sold before born.

Deposit of $ 1,000.00 gives you first choice for “Pick of the Litter” puppy

Deposit of $ 500.00 holds a Supreme Show and Breeder Quality puppy or Excellent Pedigree puppy.

If a litter does not provide enough puppies for the deposits received, a choice of refund or application of deposit to next litter will be provided to anyone not able to have a puppy from that litter.

Deposits are refundable if you change your mind if and when all puppies in a litter are sold.

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